what is a wav car

WAV cars are wheelchair accessible vehicles that have been specifically made to allow those with wheelchairs to access a wide range of vehicles with ease. This means that wheelchair users do not need to move from their wheelchair when entering or exiting a vehicle, allowing for a seamless transition. Our range of wheelchair accessible vehicles are available in a multitude of different sizes and types, suitable for all needs. 

WAV cars offer multiple ways to allow ease of access for wheelchair users, negating the typical difficulties that arise when trying to transition from a wheelchair to a conventional vehicle. Accessibility is achieved through a wide range of features, including access ramps, lowered floors (allowing for assisted entry and headroom) and specialised wheelchair restraints/seat belts for total security during a journey. 

What are the benefits of a WAV car? 

WAV cars allow wheelchair users to drive and ride in vehicles without issue, ensuring that regardless of any restrictions, they can freely enjoy the luxury of a car just like everyone else. 

A key advantage is their incredible accessibility, allowing wheelchair users to easily enter and exit a vehicle without the need to ever leave their wheelchair. This is achieved by a range of accessibility features, such as our powered lifts and low-load ramps, which eliminates the need to get up from a wheelchair and be placed within the vehicle. This turns a typically time-consuming endeavour into a quick motion, allowing for more time to get on the road. 

Another incredible advantage of WAV cars is their fantastic ability to allow wheelchair users to drive! Where a standard vehicle requires footwork to handle the pedals to completely drive them, wheelchair accessible vehicles are built a little differently. Here at Angel Vehicle Hire, we believe in offering complete accessibility, which is why our range of WAV cars utilises a plethora of adaptions to allow wheelchair users to operate a car. 

These adaptions include push pull hand controls - a perfect solution for those who cannot use standard floor pedals, allowing for a hands-only drive. Left foot accelerators are a great alternative for drivers who cannot utilise their right leg but can still drive with their left leg. We also offer steering balls for better steering control.  

These adaptions allow wheelchair users to get behind the wheel and get started with their journey, regardless of any mobility issues. 

The Range of WAV Cars 

Like regular cars, WAV cars are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and configurations, fitting every need. For wheelchair users, accessibility is paramount to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, be they passenger or driver. Such options include the amount of space for wheelchair users, swivel chairs, air conditioning, internal heating, and so much more. 

Our range of wheelchair accessible vehicles includes reputable brands such as Renault, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Ford, all with varying amounts of available seating. Our broad range allows for multiple passengers or a small party, ensuring that every requirement is met with zero limitations.  

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are cars that have been extensively modified to ensure total accessibility for wheelchair users. Their ability to allow those with mobility issues to freely drive and ride in vehicles with minimal disruption is nothing short of extraordinary.  

To find out more about our range of WAV cars and what they can do for you, please telephone us at 0845 873 8880 or enquire via the vehicle enquiry forms. 


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