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When it comes to buying a used mobility car, one must determine their choice based on a wide number of factors that are both unique and integral to each potential driver and passenger.
Here at Angel Vehicle Hire, we want to provide this comprehensive guide that will help make your choice for your next journey.

Picking a Used Mobility Car

By reviewing our range of mobility cars, one must consider the extensive selection of configurations that best suit your drive. This includes how long you wish to hire our selection of vehicles, which can range from daily, to weekly, and monthly.

Our mobility cars also boast a multitude of options that are better suited to your own personal preferences, such as steering balls which can help aid control for your steering. Quick-release handbrakes, which eliminates the need to depress the release button on your parking brake. Left foot accelerators, for those unable to use their right leg. Our mobility cars can also be fitted with Lodgesons Bluetooth, allowing you to utilise the multiple operations of a car including indicators, lights, horns, and wipers – especially helpful for drivers who may struggle to access these options normally.

The Benefits of a Used Mobility Car

Purchasing or hiring a used mobility car can benefit a potential driver in many ways, especially if they are supplied by experts such as ourselves here at Angel Vehicle Hire, with over 10 years of experience, an extensive range and nationwide delivery and collection.

Our fleet of used mobility cars offers many accessibility options for driving, entering, and exiting the vehicle with ease. For wheelchair users, we offer powered lifts and ramps with powered winches, ensuring that you have more time to drive your selected vehicle.

Ensuring you make the Right Vehicle Choice

As mentioned prior, we offer both buying and hiring options for drivers who require a used mobility car. Choosing the right used mobility car hire or purchase is completely dependent on your necessary specifications and budget.

For those in need of a mobility car for a brief period, we recommend reviewing our costs for daily and weekly costs, or for those after a quick weekend getaway, we also offer a special weekend quote! Each of our hire costs is based on the length of the hire and the chosen used mobility car. We also offer long-term options, as we offer discounts for those willing to commit to minimum 12-month rentals. We are able to accommodate any length of time, allowing more freedom for drivers in need of used mobility cars.

Purchasing our range of mobility cars not only offers wheelchair accessibility and adapted controls,  but also full service history, 12 months warranty and 12 months MOT. Outright buy or finance lease our selection of vehicles ensure you can travel with zero limits.

To find out more about buying a used mobility car, please get in touch with us today or call us on 0845 873 8800.

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