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It can be hard to know which vehicle will be right for you, and sourcing the correct adapted car can be difficult. At Angel Vehicle Hire, we provide modern and well maintained adapted cars and wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire. But what are the best disability cars and how do you find the right vehicle to fit you and your needs? We have put together this handy guide to help you to hire disability cars in 2022.

What Are Disability Cars?

Disability vehicles are specifically designed to accommodate disabled users, including those who are wheelchair bound. When it comes down to cars intended for accessibility, there are two main types. Wheelchair accessible vehicles and adapted vehicles. These types of vehicles provide means of travel for those with disabilities. Which type you require depends on your individual needs.

Types of Disability Cars 


Adapted Cars 

These types of cars are adapted using various aids to help with controlling the cars steering wheel, brakes, as well as other functions like wipers and lights. Hand and pedal controls, for example, are features of adaptive vehicles that allow disabled drivers to drive in comfort and ease. These adaptations assist those who are disabled and provide accessible travel options. At Angel Vehicle Hire, we have a range of vehicles for adapted car hire, with well-known brands such as KIA. Within this fleet, an array of adaptions are available. These include but are not limited to:

  • Left foot acceleration
  • Easy release handbrakes
  • Pull hand controls
  • Steering balls

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are cars and vans that have been specially outfitted and have the capacity to accommodate wheelchair users. These vehicles are equipped with a lift mechanism or ramp to allow the wheelchair to easily enter and exit the vehicle.

Within our wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire range, we have vehicles from such brands as Ford, Renault, and Peugeot. The biggest difference in this range from our adapted vehicle range is sizing. Our sizing in this category ranges from small, to medium and large.


Adapted and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Hire

Adapted cars and WAV mobility vehicles can be rented for drivers and passengers with a variety of needs and disabilities. Vehicles are often customised for the hirer, and you can select between renting a smaller or larger vehicle to suit your requirements.

People hire an adapted car or wheelchair accessible vehicle for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Holidays and day trips
  • Visits to friends and family
  • Testing a car before purchasing or leasing one
  • Temporary transportation during illness or after surgery
  • Replacement transport while a WAV or adapted vehicle is being serviced or repaired

However, finding the right vehicle at the right time can be a struggle. So how do you choose your vehicle?

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How To Choose an Adapted Vehicle or WAV vehicle

When you are looking for a vehicle it’s a good idea to make sure the car has the adaptations you require, as well as the ramp or lift mechanism you need. Most hire companies have options to choose from and further adaptions should you need them.

With most vehicle hire companies you also have the option to choose the size of vehicle you need. Depending on who will be using the vehicle, you can choose between a small car for just a couple of people or a larger vehicle, such as a van, for more passengers.

Once you know what adaptions you need, the size of vehicle you require, and how long you wish to lease it, you can find the right adapted or wheelchair accessible vehicles for hire with ease. We also recommend getting a test drive, so you can see for yourself how well the vehicle suits you.

If you require an adapted vehicle for a day trip or for a little longer term, we have great adapted cars available to you for short term and long term leases, with flexibility lease and holiday hire options to help you get the most out of your adapted vehicle hire.

Our vehicles come in a range of sizes, disability adaptions, and wheelchair accessibility. We carry a wide selection of vehicles with a range of adaptions, varied sizes, and prices for all types of needs. With many well-known brands to choose from, you can be assured that quality, reliability, and functionality are our focus when providing WAV hire options.

At Angel Vehicle Hire, we offer a specialised service for customers wanting to rent wheelchair accessible vehicles and cars with adaptations. Our cars, systems, network, and committed staff of professionals are available to meet our customers' individual needs. We pride ourselves on being customer-focused, and we ensure that every client is treated as an individual, allowing us to offer the best specialist vehicle every time.

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